Ocean Sunfish Research

In addition to our first class instruction, safety and environmental standards we are also the Indonesian home to the Ocean Sunfish Research.

This project is based on the PhD research of Marianne Nyegaard of Murdoch University, Perth, Australia. This is a pioneering project that spans Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand and has recently resulted in the discovery of an entirely new Sunfish species, Mola Tecta! (Marianne Nyegaard et al, July 2017).

The Indonesian section of this project aims to learn more about the Ocean Sunfish that congregate on the reefs of Bali every year. Two citizen science projects were born through this research:

  1. The Photo Identification Catalogue (Match My Mola!)
  2. The Seasonality Study (The Mola Log)

For more details about Ocean Sunfish Research please visit www.thebalisunfish.org

For an educational dive experience that contributes to Ocean Sunfish Research, our guests can book onto our exclusive PADI distinctive specialty – Bali Sunfish and Marine Park Diver.

This Sunfish Season is a unique and mysterious phenomenon and the target of a massive and ever-growing tourism industry. In understanding the Sunfish better this project hopes to provide vital information for the Nusa Penida Managenment Unit and governing bodies to achieve sustainable tourism practices that will ensure the continued presence of the Sunfish on the beautiful reefs of Bali. It is also a way for our guests and all divers in Bali to get involved and contribute directly to scientific research and obtain a deeper understanding of the awesome area in which they are diving.

In our efforts towards sustainable tourism practices and environmental awareness we adhere to and inform our guests about the Diver Code of Conduct and the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area, as well as ensure that all our dive trips are zero waste.

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch!